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ThermoBrite Elite Cytogenetics

ThermoBrite Elite

Dependable quality results are the foundation of a laboratory’s reputation. The ThermoBrite Elite automates and standardizes the FISH slide preparation process, providing consistent, reproducible results. Just load and walk away.

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Probe denaturation & hybridization
Post hydridization wash


Intuitive user interface
Design your own protocols for blood, urine or FFPE/solid tumor specimens


Hybridization temperature accuracy to ±1 °C
Improves consistency & reproducibility


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Code Name Unit size Qty
3800-007000-001 ThermoBrite Elite FISH auto slide prep 1 pieces
3800-004852-001 ThermoBrite 120VSlide Denaturation/Hybri 1 pieces
3800-004852-002 ThermoBrite 240VSlide Denaturation Hybri 1 pieces