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Clinical Applications

When a surgeon requests an intraoperative consultation, you must be ready. Cryostats by Leica Biosystems help you meet requests for immediate results by quickly, reliably and safely cutting accurate frozen sections.

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Choose the cryosectioning solution that helps you to prepare accurate frozen sections for your application

Histopathology Laboratory Applications

Select the Leica CM1950 for large specimen numbers and varying specimen types. Available with optional vacuum cleaning system for optimized safety and motorized sectioning to improve reproducibility.

Select the Leica CM1860 UV or CM1860 for quality sections and smart safety features. Select the Leica CM1520 for routine histology applications such as Mohs surgery.

Ergonomy And Precision

The Leica CM3050 S is designed for time‐consuming cryosectioning jobs. The ergonomic design allows you to work comfortably while sitting, a motorized drive and section counter improve reproducibility.

Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Select from a range of blades, embedding media and slides. Order now at our online shop.