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Clinical Applications

When a surgeon requests an intraoperative consultation, you must be ready. Leica cryostats help you meet requests for immediate results by quickly, reliably and safely cutting accurate frozen sections.

Choose the Leica solution that fits your needs for infection control, precision and efficiency operation. Ensure surgeons quickly obtain critical answers so patients receive the optimal surgical intervention.

Research Applications

Don’t delay critical research. The speed and versatility of Leica research cryostats help you cut more sections and analyze more specimens each day. With the added benefits of all-day operator comfort and research-specific features, Leica research cryostats let you make critical discoveries sooner

Choose the cryosectioning solution that prepares you for fast, accurate and safe frozen sectioning.

Clinical laboratories

Select the Leica CM1950 for a tailored solution to increased safety and efficiency or the Leica CM1520 for critical applications such as Mohs surgery.

Select the Leica CM1860 for ergonomic efficiency and outstanding safety or the Leica CM1860 UV for the added benefit of UV disinfection

Research laboratories

Select the Leica CM3050 S for biomedical, neuroanatomical and pharmaceutical research.

Select the Leica CM3600 XP for whole-body sectioning

Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Select from a range of blades, embedding media, disinfection media and slides. Order now at our online shop.

Visit Knowledge Pathway for Specimen Identification webinars, educational articles and discussion.

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