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Leica CM1860 - Routine Histopathology Applications

In-surgery cancer diagnostics relies on reproducible section quality within minutes. The Leica CM1860 cryostat gives you the confidence to consistently produce quality sections.

When working with a cryostat, safety is important. Therefore, the Leica CM1860 cryostat comes with multiple safety features, including AgProtect, an antimicrobial nano-silver coating on the instrument housing that reduces the risk of touch contamination.

The Leica Premium blade holder helps to prevent cutting injuries by minimizing direct contact with the blade.

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Product Features

Reduce risk of cutting injuries

A designated finger guard on the Leica Premium blade holder covers the blade when you're not sectioning. The Leica Biosystems blade ejector and magnetic brush enable you to safely remove the blade from the blade holder without touching it.


Consistently produce quality sections

The Leica Biosystems precision microtome helps you to consistently produce quality sections. The microtome is encapsulated, thus providing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Staying organized helps you to stay focused on the sectioning job at hand. The Leica CM1860 provides you with designated storage shelves for samples, object holders, tools and an easily accessible ambient temperature storage on top of the instrument.


Ready for multiple users

The Leica CM1860 is designed to facilitate quick turnaround when used by multiple users. No need to adjust the instrument before starting your work.

Single function keys and easily readable LED displays provide all relevant functions literally at the “push of one button”. No need to scroll through multiple long menus.


Technical Specifications


Width (with handwheel): 730 mm (28.7 in)
Depth: 730 mm (28.7 in)
Height: 1140 mm (44.8 in)
Weight (including microtome, without specimen coding): Approx. 135 kg (298 lbs)
Section thickness selection: 1 - 100 µm
Total specimen feed: 25 mm
Vertical specimen stroke: 59 mm
Maximum specimen speed: 55 x 55 mm or 50 x 80mm





Configuration (149491860us)

  • Leica CM1860 Configuration - 120 V/60 Hz
  • AgProtectTM nanosilver coating with Peltier cooling system, specimen retraction that can be deactivated, and Premium blade holder for high and low profile disposable blades.
  • Freestanding cryostat with encapsulated, splash-proof microtome.
  • Spacious, stainless-steel cryochamber with anti-glare illumination.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Heated, removable sliding window.

Leica CM1860 Parts/Accessories