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Leica CM3600 XP Fully Computerized Cryomacrotome for Whole-body Sectioning

The Leica CM3600 XP is a fully computerized cryomacrotome for whole-body sectioning primarily in quantitative investigation of the effect of labeled compounds, pharmaceuticals and (bio)chemicals in pre-clinical studies, as well as detailed anatomical and morphological analysis.

The CM3600 XP cryomacrotome, offers the ultimate solution for facilities requiring whole-body, large-area sectioning and cryoplaning equipment.

Sections of reproducible thickness can be cut with the heavy-duty microtome and directly dehydrated in the large stainless steel cabinet.

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Product Features

Windows® Operating System

PC operated (Windows® operating system) with focus on data tracking allows the creation and recording of GLP compliant documentation.

Heavy-duty microtome

Heavy-duty microtome in stainless steel cryochamber allows sectioning of whole animals or organs.

Convection cooling system

Convection cooling system offers long lifetime and saves money due to alternately working twin compressor design and allows fast specimen dehydration to save time.

Standard knife holder

The standard knife holder allows sectioning of specimens up to 450x150x160mm to accommodate the largest requirements.

Convection cooling system

Convection cooling system allows fast specimen dehydration to save time.




Frequently Asked Questions

Leica CM3600 XP

Which collection tape can be used for the CM3600?

There are new section collection tapes available for the Leica CM3600 cryomacrotome. The order numbers are as follows:

140417 39651 Section collection tape 76mm x 66mm,

140417 39652 Section collection tape 148mm x 66mm



Knife holders and Knife holder base

Code Name Show all details Qty
14041726152 Disp. blade holder 157AR

Disposable blades

Code Name Show all details Qty
14021626153 Disp.blades H45L 1x10

Reusable knives

Code Name Show all details Qty
14021619157 Knife 16 cm 35° TC
14021619156 Knife 16cm 20° TC
14021325303 Knife case


Code Name Show all details Qty
14020108926 Tissue freezing medium, 125 ml
14034029011 Safety gloves size M
14041739651 Section collecting tape
14041739652 Section collecting tape
14033606098 Cryostat oil, type Isoflex PDP 38, 50ml
14033606099 Cryostat oil,type Isoflex PDP 38, 100ml
14033606100 Cryostat oil type Isoflex PDP 38, 250ml
14033606101 Cryostat oil,type Isoflex PDP 38, 500ml
14002250192 Isoflex Topas NB505, 100ml

Basic instruments




Code Name Show all details Qty
14041732993 Storage shelf, assy.
14041732587 Applications Training
14041732590 maintenance contract world, CM3600
14041732995 Dehydration frame
14041732996 Frame holder
14041732980 Section waste tray, assy.
14002250103 Specimen stage 40x80
14002250105 Specimen stage 80x180 mm
14002250106 Specimen stage 120x200 mm
14041719635 Specimen stage 120x250 mm
14002250107 Specimen stage 150x450 mm
14041724784 Special holder orientable
14002250123 Embedding frame 40x80 mm
14002250126 Embedding frame 80x180 mm
14002250125 Embedding frame 120x200mm
14041719632 Embedding frame 120x250mm
14002250127 Embedding frame 150x450mm
14002250152 Freezing device
14041728760 Positioning tool for disposable blades
14041719141 Positioning tool for knives
14041719039 Sectioning tool 150mm

*Offer valid in USA and Canada only