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Aperio CS2 - High quality digital slides from your desktop

Create high-quality digital slides with the ultra-compact Aperio CS2 image capture device from your desktop. With a five-slide capacity and 20X and 40x magnification capabilities, the Aperio CS2 is a highly reliable workhorse for medium-volume sites.

The intuitive interface and easy-to-use design consistently provides rapid creation of high resolution digital slides, with >98% first time scan success rate.

The Aperio CS2 runs on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

  • Easily load and scan up to five 1x3 slides
  • Slides are on the Aperio digital slide tray in 90 seconds*
  • External sharing and collaboration (institution to institution)
  • Internal sharing (Hub & Spoke Network) and collaboration
  • Scan Success Rate: > 98% 1st time
  • Adjustable tissue finder, if needed

*Based on Aperio CS2 scanning a 15x15mm area at 20x magnification

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Product Specifications


Capacity: 2x3, 5 slides (1 x 3"), 1 slide (2 x 3")
Input: 1-inch x 3-inch (25 mm x 75 mm) microscope slides
Format: 2-inch x 3-inch (5.08 cm x 7.62 cm ) (optional)
Dimensions: Approximately 12.5 inches (W) x 19 inches (H) x 20.5 inches (D) (318 x 465 x 502 mm)
Weight: Approx. 55 lbs (25 kg)
Objective Lenses: 20x/0.75 NA Plan Apo (40x scanning with 2x optical magnification changer)


Quality above all else

The intuitive user interface provides rapid and seamless creation of whole slide, digital slides yielding high scan quality and resolution with >98% first time scan success rate.

Share anytime, anywhere

Aperio CS2 is the ideal tool for preparing slides and data to be shared with other team members for collaboration. Remote assessment of digital slides can improve study turnaround time and ease of access for team members.

Short-time to view

The Aperio CS2 scans and moves images in record time for remote Pathologist review. With a fast 1GB/second network interface, digital slides are ready for review in your eSlide tray in 90 seconds.

Tissue Finder

The Aperio CS2 tissue finder is very robust but flexible when needed. The area of interest can be adjusted by the user to optimize tissue finding on difficult samples (such as fatty tissue) or to not detect ink or stain residue.


Quick Compare Chart


Aperio AT2

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Aperio CS2

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Capacity 2x3 or 400 2x3 or 5 8 or 200 4
Illumination Brightfield Brightfield Brightfield, 7-channel fluorescence & FISH Brightfield
Z stacking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live View No No No Yes
Magnification 20x, 40x 20x, 40x 1.25x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 63x (oil or dry) 1.25x, 5x, 20x, 40x
Scan Method TDI line scan TDI line scan Tile Tile





Aperio CS2 - Highly Reliable, Desktop Digital Pathology Scanner


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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