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Leica ST5010 Autostainer XL

The proven Autostainer XL continues to provide reproducible, consistent, high-quality staining and increased workload throughput.

Plus, combine it with the CV5030 Glass Coverslipper to create a workstation that eliminates the manual handling of slide racks between staining and coverslipping.  

The flexibility of open consumables and reagents along with the option to use validated Surgipath reagents, consumables and protocols provide superior staining and coverslipping quality.

Select a configuration



Accommodate specific laboratory needs

Ability to store and run up to 15 different, user defined staining protocols offers increased flexibility to accommodate individual staining procedures.

High specimen throughput

High specimen throughput supports laboratory workflows with up to 11 racks of 30 slides at a time.

Flexible staining/coverslipping solution

Can be used stand-alone or integrated with the Leica CV5030 Glass Coverslipper to create a ‘walk-away’ staining/coverslipping workstation. Upgrade at anytime to match your laboratory’s specific needs.

Easy to use, convenient operation

Reliable and simple software provides easy programming and one-touch operation to ensure runs start quickly and operator errors are minimized.

Compact, space saving

Small foot-print and compact design with integrated slide drying station and up to 5 water stations help to save space in the laboratory, but not without losing the flexibility to carry out various protocols simultaneously.




Code Name Show all details Qty
14047432273 Activated carbon filter

Basic instruments



Product Specifications

Leica ST5010 Autostainer XL

Dimensions (W x D x H): 109 cm x 67 cm x 51 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Specimen slide throughput: at least 200 specimen slides per hour
Loading capacity: 11 slide racks
Slide rack capacity: 30 specimen slides
Total number of stations: 26
Total number of reagent stations: at least 18
Reagent container volume: 450 mL




Accessories for Autostainer

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Code Name Show all details Qty
14047537647 Base plate for workstation
14047534524 Rack Special Stainings
14047534525 Insert Special Staining
14045627069 Adapter for large slides
14045633919 Slide rack 30, metal, pack of 1
14045635268 Wash vessel, assy.
14045635434 Rack holder, assy.
14047533750 Slide Rack - 30
14047533643 Slide rack 30, plastic, pack of 5
14047534515 Adapter - Sakura
14047534516 Adapter - Medite 20
14047534517 Adapter - Medite 30
14047534518 Adapter Shandon
14047534943 Adapter - Microm 30
14047533659 Reagent vessel w/handle
14047534488 Lid, W/o Slots
14047534486 Lid, slotted
14047533644 Lid for 12 vessels
14045635445 Holder reagent tub, assy.
14045635393 Blocking plug
14047432325 Water inlet hose 10 mm 2.5 m
14047535748 Waste water hose Ø32 mm Ø37 mm
14045635435 Exhaust adapter, assy.
14042231974 Flexible tube 50x2000
14042231975 Flexible tube 50x4000
14045635216 Collection Tray - Heater
14025335822 O-ring 3 x 2 mm FKM
14025334214 O-ring 7.65 x 1.78 FKM
14045636101 V-Filter D24 x 6 mm Stainless steel/TPE
14045635459 Program pad 94 x 131 mm