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Digital Stereotaxic with Manual Fine Drive Stereotaxic myneurolab

Digital Stereotaxic with Manual Fine Drive With 3 or 6 Axes Display

Leica stereotaxic instruments with digital, as opposed to vernier, scales offer greater speed of operation with reduced opportunity for error. This compact instrument features linear position-sensing digital scales and a convenient remote display center.

Simply move the probe to Bregma and touch the zeroing button. Once all displays read zero, move the probe until each of the three axes displays the desired coordinates.

Leica manipulators include a low mounted manual fine drive on the dorsal ventral manipulator to minimize hand generated vibration of the probe, and avoid overshoot.  In addition, this manipulator includes a high torque compression clamp system on the tilt mechanism for the greatest stability.

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Fine Drive

Manual Fine Drive reduces risk of overshoot, and reduces hand transmitted vibration.

Reduced Risk of Human Error

Touch probe to Bregma, touch zero button for each axis, and move to the target coordinate.  No reading vernier scales, writing down numbers, or doing arithmetic.


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Code Name Show all details Unit size Qty
39477001 Digital Stereotaxic w/Fine Drive 120V 1 Piece
39477003 Digital Stereotaxic w/Fine Drive 220V 1 Piece
39477101 Digital Dual Stereo. w/Fine Drive 120 V 1 Piece
39477103 Digital Dual Stereo. w/Fine Drive 220 V 1 Piece
39477201 Digital Stereotaxic LH Manip w/Fine Driv 1 Piece
39463023 Gas Anesthesia Adaptor for Rat 1 Piece
39462950 Cunningham Mouse & Neonatal Rat Adaptor 1 Piece
39462952 Cunningham Mouse and Neonatal w/ Gas 1 Piece
39464691 Video Microscope Two for Angle Two 1 pieces

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