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Leica VT1000 S Materials Testing

Leica VT1000 S Vibrating blade microtome

The Leica VT1000 S vibrating blade microtome is the instrument of choice for high-quality sectioning requirements in neurophysiology, neuropathology experimental pathology ), Botany (roots and plants) and Industry (foams).

When sectioning fixed tissue for specific neuropathology tests the Leica VT1000 S consistently provides high-quality sectioning results.

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Can alter the frequency

To quickly accommodate different application needs, a user can alter the frequency between 0 and 100Hz and select the appropriate amplitude between 0.2 to 1mm in 5mm steps.

Adjustable knife advance speed

The instrument features a very fine adjustable knife advance speed between 0.025 to 2.5mm/s, a programmable sectioning window, and specimen retraction.

Fully automated cut mode

Accelerate the sectioning process: the Leica VT1000 S features a high-speed knife return stroke of 5 mm/sec as well as a freely programmable sectioning window which ensures extremely quick sectioning of even the smallest specimens.

High quality sectioning

An adjustable specimen retraction feature protects the specimen from damage during the return stroke of the knife.

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