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Leica CM1850 UV Sectioning

Leica CM1850 UV Cryostat for Standard Applications in the Clinical Histopathology Laboratory

UVC light and antimicrobial, nano-silver coating work to minimize contamination risk from infectious material.

The Leica CM1850 UV is equipped with an optimized refrigeration system to provide short specimen freezing times.

The cryochamber can be quickly and effectively disinfected at any time with ultra-violet light (UVC) for increased operator safety. UV surface disinfection significantly reduces the danger of infection from bacteria, spores and viruses.

The antimicrobial nano-silver coating, AgProtect, provides outstanding protection by reducing exposure to surface pathogens. AgProtect covers the cryostat’s outside surfaces and protects individuals in the work area by penetrating the membranes of microbes to prevent replication.

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