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Leica ST5020-CV5030 Routine Staining & Coverslipping

Leica ST5020-CV5030 Stainer Integrated Workstation

A truly automated, “walk-away” solution.

Premium specimen staining and coverslipping with an unmatched combination of ease of use, flexibility, productivity, and environmental friendliness

Enjoy the benefit of LEAN workflows, achieved with Leica Microsystems' patented CodeRack technology.

Multiple bath layout, racks without carriers and capacity of 30 slides, and the special staining module are some of the workstation features, which help to optimize a laboratory’s turn around time.

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Safer Processes

Superior quality staining and coverslipping achieved with Leica Microsystems’ CodeRackTM transponder technology which identifies each rack enabling the Leica ST5020 to automatically start the correct staining program including specimen-specific coverslipper settings.

Reliable Diagnostics

High optical quality coverslipped slides with glass and for both Histology and Cytology by automatically linking a stain protocol to a coverslipping program. The Leica CV5030 broken glass sensor helps to improve coverslipping quality and reliability by automatically rejecting unsuitable coverslips. Open consumable and reagent use in conjunction with validated Surgipath reagents, smart consumables and protocols guarantee consistent staining and coverslipping quality.

Efficient Workflow

The Leica ST5020 reagent management system (RMS) allows your lab to minimize reagent changes and maintenance time by maximizing reagent life. Optimize efficiency by simultaneously staining different sample types (H&E and special stain) without loss of capacity and throughput.

Safer working environment

Laboratories may eliminate the handling of hazardous chemicals by performing Xylene-free staining and coverslipping. Integrated fume control with external hose for air evacuation and activated charcoal filter absorbs hazardous fumes.

Real Versatility

Multiple bath layout with 40 stations including up to 6 wash stations, up to 4 ovens, and load and exit drawer with 1 to 4 positions (up to 120 slides in one load) adapt to user preferences and ensure throughput optimization.