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Leica RM2235 Sectioning

Leica RM2235 Manual Rotary Microtome for Routine Sectioning

Uniquely user-friendly, the robust Leica RM2235 offers numerous features that have never before been available in this class of microtome. It is designed for manual routine paraffin sectioning but can also be used for cutting harder materials.

The Leica RM2235 rotary microtome is perfectly suited for those who expect precision sectioning and appreciate the feel and extra measure of control during manual sectioning.

The  one-piece, protective housing provides long product life and the compact base features a wrap-around, magnetized waste tray for space-saving convenience.

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Fatigue-free operation

Coarse-feed wheel is 80 mm closer to the user compared to competitor products to support fatigue-free sectioning.

Safety during sectioning

The large 70mm vertical stroke allows sectioning of super mega cassettes and also supports safer specimen changing due to the greater distance to the knife edge

Adjustable handwheel system

Patented adjustable handwheel balance system protects the specimen because the object head does not drop into the knife when sectioning is stopped.

Precision specimen orientation with clear zero reference point

The optional 8° X/Y precision orientation system with calibrated controls helps to quickly orient already cut specimens (re-cuts). The system then rapidly returns the exact zero position, which is marked by two red indicators.

Ergonomics and user safety

The handwheel brake on top of handwheel allows the handwheel to be locked in the upper position and the locking system below the handwheel allows it to be locked in any position.

Spacious, magnetized section waste tray

The spacious section waste tray reliably collects sectioning debris. It is safely held in position by magnets, yet is easily removable for emptying and cleaning.

The patented force balancing system

The RM2235 handwheel runs exceptionally smooth because it has no balancing weight. Instead, the patented force balancing system uses a spring to compensate the forces generated during sectioning. The result: effortless operation and uniform handwheel rotation – producing much better sectioning results.

Convenient storage area

An integrated storage tray* ensures that ancillary tools are on hand at all times. Alternatively a cooling plate with thermo element can be used for cold storage of specimen blocks either on top or on either side of the microtome

Lateral knife holder adjustment

The entire width of the microtome blade can be used without having to release the blade clamping mechanism. Using the entire knife edge is cost effective, especially in laboratories with high specimen throughput. Three predefined stop positions (left, center, right) correspond to the width of a standard histology cassette.

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Use our online configurator to build a setup of the Leica RM2235 that meets your individual requirements. You can put all of the needed parts in the shopping cart right away.

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