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HistoCore PELORIS 3 Premium Tissue Processing System

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Build your future with HistoCore PELORIS 3

Meet today’s workflow demands and build your lab’s capacity for the future. With a HistoCore PELORIS 3 tissue processor, feel confident with Track and Trace features designed to maximize productivity for efficient and flexible workflow, while maintaining quality.

  • Enhanced workflows and improved user experience with high quality tissue processing
  • Track and trace features enhance and maintain the tissue processing quality
  • Streamline your workflow to make your day more productive with:
    • Dual Retort Design: high-capacity (up to 600 cassettes) & rapid throughput
    • ActivFlo System is engineered to create a reagent vortex to actively accelerate tissue processing

Secure your Lab’s Future with HistoCore PELORIS 3 v3.2 Software

  • Cyber Security: Anti-Malware Protection with Windows® Defender and white listing detection.
  • Reagents: Color-Coded and Bar-Coded Reagents enable traceability and reagent record and report.
  • Service: For the best care, only service personnel with up-to-date training and certified by Leica will have access to the service software.
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Product Features

Ensure User Accountability with Track and Trace

The Track and Trace feature have an integrated bar code scanner that records basket IDs, user IDs, and reagent lot numbers. Data is captured in the built-in Reporting Module, which reduces manual documentation and ensures you know who is doing what and when in your lab.

Ensure User Accountability with Track and Trace

Reduce Potential Reagent Exchange Errors with Two Density Meters

Two built-in density meters help limit the risk of lab errors during reagent change. They monitor such changes and alert users if there’s an incorrect concentration to protect the integrity of the tissue. As a result, reagent change errors can be significantly reduced.

Avoid Disaster with Two Density Meters

Rapid and Flexible Tissue Processing

Run two protocols at the same time for rapid tissue processing – including biopsy, large tissue, and fatty tissues – and quicker turnaround times overall. Plus, HistoCore PELORIS 3 allows for the use of xylene-free reagents for a healthier lab environment.

Process Tissue Faster

Accelerate Tissue Processing with the ActiFlo System

This unique feature generates ideal processing conditions for all tissue using a reagent vortex to actively accelerate processing through rapid and even-heating, as well as active reagent distribution.

Better than Conventional or Microwave Systems

Combine Specimen Tracking with CEREBRO

Basket-tracking can be combined with CEREBRO for more precise individual specimen tracking. As a result, labs know exactly where each specimen is and its processing history.

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface provides seamless workflow navigation. It is intuitive so users can easily trace all user activities, troubleshoot problems, and get metrics for reagent and protocol management.

Designed to be User Friendly

HistoCore PELORIS 3 is designed to be easy to use. The basket has an integrated handle to provide stability during transport and wedges on the retort lid for secure basket placement. Plus, the LED back lit bottles make it simple to identify liquid levels and reagent state.

Pair HistoCore PELORIS 3 with Validated Consumables

Ease of Use with PELORIS Parablocks™

Eliminate pellet spills and the need to transfer molten paraffin with Leica PELORIS Parablocks . These preformed blocks of paraffin in plastic molds fit easily into the HistoCore PELORIS 3 chambers and melt faster than pellets or flakes.

Pair PELORIS 3 with Validated Parablocks

Maximize ActivFlo Benefits with Validated and Optimized Cassettes

Leverage  ActivFlo  cassettes designed with a lateral vent for increased fluid flow. These one-piece cassettes feature a frangible lid for easy removal and a 45-degree writing surface.


See a list of highlighted cassettes below:

Leverage cassettes optimized for use with the PELORIS 3's ActivFlo technology

Product Specifications


Dimensions (H x W x D): 1500 × 857 × 721 mm
(59 × 33.7 × 28.4 in)
Weight (Dry): 331 kg (730 lb)
Weight (Including Reagents): 430 kg (950 lb)
Work Surface Height (from Floor): Front – 1070 mm (42.1 in)
Rear – 1110 mm (43.7 in)
Cassette Capacity (Standard Protocols): 600 (High-Capacity)
528 (High-Capacity w/ Dividers)
Cassette Capacity (Xylene-Free Protocols): 432 (Spaced)
Retort Vacuum (Max.): - 70 kPa (g)
Retort Pressure (Max.): + 45 kPa (g)
Retort Agitation: Magnetically Coupled Stirrer (User-Selectable Operation)
Reagent Bottles: 16
Reagent Volume: 3.8 L to Max. 5 L (1 US Gal to Max. 1.32 US Gal)
Paraffin wax stations: 4 (each station is capable of filling one retort)


Operating Voltage: 100 to 120 V~
220 to 240 V~
Operating Current (Max.): 15 A (100 to 120 V~)
10 A (220 to 240 V~)
Mains Frequency: 50 to 60 Hz (100 to 120 V~)
50 Hz (220 to 240 V~)
Power Consumption: 1450 W (100 to 120 V~)
2150 W (220 to 240 V~)


Maximum Ambient Temperature: 35°C
Minimum Ambient Temperature: 5°C
Humidity (Non-Condensing): 10 to 80% RH
Altitude: 0 to 2000 m above sea level
Sound Pressure Level Output (at 1 m): < 65 dB
Maximum Heating Energy Output: 1450 W (100 to 120 V~)
2150 W (220 to 240 V~)


Storage Temperature: –40 to 76°C (–40 to 169°F)
Storage Humidity (Non-Condensing): 10 to 95% RH
Shipping Methods: Road and Air Freight Compatible
Equivalent Altitude: < 4570 m Above Sea Level (i.e. the pressurization level of an aircraft)






If we get this second HistoCore PELORIS 3 processor, we can achieve a turnaround time in 24 hours – we can expand our services.
Bradley H. Johnson H.T.(ASCP), Supervisor, Histology Department, South Bend Medical Foundation
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