Vaporizer Stereotaxic myneurolab

Vaporizer Precise Concentrations from Anesthetic Gas

Isoflurane vaporizer for gas anesthesia
Isoflurane vaporizer for gas anesthesia

Rodent and Small Animal Gas Anesthesia


These vaporizers use designs proven to ensure accurate output concentration. They are virtually unaffected by flow rate, temperature variation, duration of use, or back pressure fluctuation within their clinical range.

Isoflurane, the default vaporizer gas, is the most widely used in animal research. Sevofluane is the newest and perhaps most safe, but more expensive gas. The vaporizers are gas specific.

The Inlet and Outlet adaptors are included with any stand.



Controlled Concentation

Depth of Anesthesia

Precise Control of Depth of Anesthetic State.



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39418001 Vaporizer Isoflurane Tec 3 Well Fill 1 Piece 1
39418601 Vaporizer Sevoflurane Tec 3 Well-Fill 1 Piece 1


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