Whole Chromosome



The Kreatech™ Whole Chromosome probes hybridize to unique sequences spanning the entire length of the target chromosome.

These probes are derived from flow-sorted or microdissected chromosomes and provide accurate coverage with excellent signal specificity and high fluorescent intensity. Some minor cross-hybridization may occur at the short arm of acrocentric chromosomes (13, 14, 15, 21 and 22) and in the pseudo-autosomal regions of chromosome X and Y.

Technical Information


The WC probes are supplied in a 5-test, 5x concentrated format. Hybridization buffer can be purchased separately (see General Purpose Reagents). The WC probes labeled in a choice of green (PlatinumBright™ 495) and red (PlatinumBright™ 550) or in blue (PlatinumBright™ 415) (for WC in blue please inquire).


Due to decondensation of chromosomal DNA signals on interphase, cells can be very diffuse. We therefore recommend not to use WC probes for interphase FISH.


"Our REPEAT-FREE™ Whole Chromosome ASR Probes in the table below are provided in a 10 µl, 5x concentrated format".

ASR - Analyte Specific Reagent