Novocastra HD

Highly Definitive Antibodies

Trust the "HD" difference –信頼性の高い抗体の差別化

Deliver high quality, reliable staining for accurate diagnosis and optimal patient care. Each antibody in the range has been independently evaluated* by external QA, NordiQC, in comparison with equivalent products from other vendors. Novocastra HD antibodies represent the highest level of performance from Leica, for the most clinically relevant IHC antibodies. Optimized to deliver high-quality staining, for results you can trust.

  • You will quickly and confidently select the most important IHC antibodies for diagnosis
  • You can improve efficiency and streamline validation, with antibodies optimized for workflow
  • Choose clinical antibodies with broad application to streamline inventory
  • Choose externally-qualified antibodies for BOND, for results you can depend on
  • Now available:
  1. Novocastra HD - Breast Pathology
  2. Novocastra HD - Head and Neck Pathology
  3. Novocastra HD - Dermatopathology
  4. Novocastra HD - Hematopathology
  5. Novocastra HD - Soft Tissue
  6. Novocastra HD - Neuropathology
  7. Novocastra HD - Uropathology
  8. Novocastra HD - Pulmopathology
  9. Novocastra HD - Gynaepathology

Your Benefits

Diagnostic Confidence


Supporting optimal patient care.

Workflow Efficiency


Improve workflow efficiency and streamline validation.

*Novocastra HD関連製品の評価は、外部品質保証機関である「NordiQC」が、Leica Biosystemsの依頼により、弊社の添付文書に沿って実施したものです。