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BOND RX Fully Automated Research Stainer


Find Breakthroughs Faster

Speed up your next big discovery. Use the BOND RX to confidently complete IHC, ISH, FISH, CTC, multiplexing and other tests. Explore your ideas in a variety of ways via open reagents, open detection kits, and customizable protocols. The BOND RX provides an easy way for labs to fully automate tests and accelerate research programs.

  • Accelerate test programs through speed, efficiency, and consistent automation, reducing manual work so that researchers can spend less time at the bench and more time innovating.
  • Preserve morphology and integrity of precious tissue with the unique Covertile system that allows you to dispense reagents in a highly-controlled and more consistent manner. 91% of customers find the stain quality and reproducibility to be better than the competition.*
  • Commercialize your discovery with a clear path from research to clinical applications, and leverage greater access to innovative emerging technologies via partnerships.
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
*Independent Studies


Product Features

Flexible Protocols Help Turn Theories Into Action

BOND RX lets researchers fully automate emerging technologies (including new molecular applications), customize all protocol segments and put theories into action.

  • Preparation - Customize your baking and dewax options.
  • Antigen Retrieval - Change Incubation time and temperature as desired.
  • ISH Probes – Leverage new probe application and removal options.
  • Staining – Choose your incubation times, temperatures, dispense types and more.
Flexible Protocols Help Turn Theories Into Action
Get Started Right Away with BOND RX

Get Started Right Away

BOND RX makes it easy to run the unique reagents you’re working with and quickly automate innovative tests. In fact, you can simply pipette directly into open containers to get your antibody or probe onto the BOND RX.

  • Create your own detection kits using simple and efficient research detection kits.
  • Fully automate staining with extremely small volumes of high value reagents using Titration containers.

Do More in Less Time with BOND RX

BOND RX helps research labs work more efficiently because it streamlines the test management process and makes it more flexible.

  • Save time by having antibodies, probes and detection systems accessible at any time.
  • Eliminate mundane tasks and minimize maintenance.
  • Reduce user strain with low-weight containers that are easy to handle.
  • View bulk reagent levels at a glance with a unique active lighting system.
Do More in Less Time
Be Confident In Results With Proprietary Covertile Technology

Be Confident In Results With Proprietary Covertile Technology

The BOND Covertile protects tissue morphology and enables gentle and consistent reagent application, unlike competitors who may not use a Covertile at all, or not for all steps of the process.

Commercialize Your Discovery

You gain tools to customize protocols and streamline the transition to clinical. The shared core technology provides you with a clear path from research to clinical.

Fully Transparent Operations

Researchers are in full control with BOND RX. It provides the insight you need to have a complete understanding of each test. You can view reagent application, monitor protocol progress, receive comprehensive reports and more.


Access the Latest Research Advances

Leica Biosystems partners with a range of Open Innovation (OI) partners. As a result, you have many flexible solutions for your research. All protocols and protocol templates developed in conjunction with our OI partners are available so you can access the latest research advances in the shortest time.

Multiplex Staining With No Intervention

Partner - Perkin Elmer

Free up researchers’ time by creating beautiful, seven-color immunofluorescence slides without any intervention. Up to 30 slides can be created in about 14 hours.

  • Visualize up to six tissue biomarkers at the same time plus a nuclear counterstain.
  • Use the best primary antibodies – regardless of species – with no crosstalk.
  • Optimize editable protocol with ease so it meets your specific needs.

Watch the Partnership Video - PerkinElmer Opal™

Multiplex Staining With No Intervention
A Fully Integrated Rna Ish Solution

A Fully Integrated RNA ISH Solution

Partner - ACD

Complete up to 30 slides overnight with high-throughput staining. This solution is:

  • Highly specific – It amplifies signals using double z probe strategy and simultaneous background suppression strategy to ensure target-specific binding.
  • Sensitive & Quantitative – It detects single RNA molecules at single cell resolution.
  • Morphological – It provides cell specific expression in information intact tissue architecture.
  • Universal – Use it for virtually any gene, species or tissue.

Watch the Partnership Video - ACD RNAscope

Further Metastasis And Residual Cancer Studies

Partner - Clearbridge

When combined with the BOND RX, Clearbridge CTC Enrichment Analysis lets researchers identify early, metastatic or residual cancers. It does so by staining enriched CTC cells from blood, rather than the physical tumor. You get:

  • Label-free CTC enrichment of heterogeneous populations of cancer cells.
  • Up to 10,000 times enrichment of CTCs that are wholly intact viable and assay ready.
  • Large blood volume enrichment from 7.5 mL of a blood sample.
CTC Analysis For Experimental Pathology Labs

CTC Analysis For Experimental Pathology Labs

Partner - Rarecyte

The AccuCyte-Cytefinder system integrates with the BOND RX and provides microscopic visualization of circulating tumor cells. It delivers single cell retrieval of target cells for downstream genomic analysis.

  • AccuCyte collects nucleated cells including circulating tumor cells from whole blood.
  • CyteSealer makes collection seamless by creating a barrier between the buffycoat and red blood cells.
  • CyteSpreader ensures the precise amount of nucleated cells is spread onto each slide every time.

Single Step Multiplexing, Fully Automated

Partner - Ultivue

Create up to 30, five color, single step multiplexing slides in only 4.5 hours on BOND RX whilst preserving tissue morphology and integrity. Spend less time perfecting difficult manual techniques and more time focusing on your next research breakthrough.

  • Survey and analyse cell phenotypes with spatial context within the tumor microenvironment though high performance tissue-based biomarker multiplex assays
  • Multiplex on a single slide, using a single antibody cocktail and incubation step, powered by DNA-barcoded antibodies with unique, complementary, fluorescent DNA barcodes
  • Preserve sample integrity for additional analyses without damaging tissue or cross talk
  • Image and analyse with Aperio VERSA and Aperio Cellular IF Algorithm
Single Step Multiplexing, Fully Automated



BOND RTU Antibody and Protocol Data Files

These data files will enable the use of the latest protocol releases for BOND RX/RXm. Local licensing restrictions may apply to some products; please contact your local Leica Biosystems Sales or Support representative should you have any queries. Please ensure the correct data file is downloaded.

Important Notes

  • Do not apply this update to BOND-III or BOND-MAX Systems.
  • Please download and apply the correct update is for your region.
  • We recommend that all BOND systems be updated to the latest software version - RX v6.0
  • Do not apply this update to Systems running RX/RXm v4.0 software; this file is not applicable to software v4.0 Systems.
  • BXDv16 must be applied to Systems running RX/RXm software versions 5.2 and v6.0


Partnership - PerkinElmer Opal™ Multiplex IHC Protocol

Partnership - ACD RNAscope: From Manual Research to Fully Automated Clinical Platform

Covertile System – Reagent Application Virtual Demo