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Leica CM1950 Sectioning

Leica CM1950 The cryostats for high quality sectioning, user safety, and efficient workflow

Leica CM1950 cryostat design is the result of extensive customer consultations.

The Leica CM1950 is a highly adaptable platform that can be tailor-made for each laboratory. By starting with the standard instrument and choosing from a range of options, every laboratory can have THE clinical cryostat for their individual needs.

Innovation and human-oriented features provide a cryostat with a new level of performance.

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UVC disinfection

UVC disinfection minimizes risk of contamination by infectious material.


AgProtect, an antimicrobial, nanosilver coating on all outside surfaces also minimizes contamination risk.

Optional section waste

Optional section waste

Optional section waste removal system provides a safer environment using a concealed primary filter system for solid waste and a bacterial (HEPA) filter for air.

Optional vacuum

Optional vacuum

Optional vacuum assisted sectioning makes sectioning easier.

Disposable blade holder

Disposable blade holder

New disposable blade holder with dovetail mounting plate and knife holder base provides larger clamping surface and working distance and supports reproducible section quality.

Cool Air Circulation

The cool way to improve section quality! The CryoZone™ system controls a zone of uniformly cool air in the critical areas of the cryochamber. This cool air circulates around the specimen, knife and anti-roll guide to create the optimal conditions for consistent, high-quality sectioning.


Efficient specimen loading is achieved via single lever operation that provides maximum clamping force independent of individual user strength. Direct contact cooling through the (optional) actively cooled object head facilitates rapid changes of specimen temperatures to provide the best conditions for sectioning various specimen types

Fast Freezing

High specimen stability is achieved by adherence to deeply grooved specimen discs. Specimens freeze quickly because the pre-cooled discs feature a large back surface that fully contacts the freezing shelf with integrated Peltier element.

Vibration-Free Sectioning

Superior sectioning of routine, hard, and/or large samples is achieved using a choice of knife/blade holders as well as the new dove tail mounting system that provides increased stability and extended working distance. The new CE holder for high and low profile disposable blades evenly distributes clamping pressure across the entire length of the blade, which provides vibration-free sectioning.

Comfortable Working

The ergonomic design of the Leica CM1950 protects the user from sharp edges and helps prevent workrelated musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and repetitive strain injury (RSI). Rounded edges allow the user to adopt a comfortable working position. Bright, glare-free illumination helps reduce eye fatigue.

Disposable Blade Holder CE

The new disposable blade holder CE with integrated, colored safety guard and blade removal aid makes blade handling safer. For users who prefer using the brush technique during sectioning, the palm rest can be used instead of the anti-roll guide.

User Comfort

For individual user comfort, the Leica chair and height adjustable foot rest are available as optional accessories.

For Multiple Users

The self-explanatory, single-function keys and easily readable LEDs help prevent operating errors, facilitate cryosectioning, and make scrolling through multiple menus unnecessary. The control panels are comfortably positioned in the armrests to eliminate the need to reach into the cold chamber to use or adjust settings.

Specimen Orientation

A clearly defined zero-position allows faster specimen alignment prior to sectioning and easy realignment if the specimen is removed from the object head

Disposable Blade Holder

With the disposable blade holder CE blade exchange is simple and fast. The holder’s lateral displacement function allows the use of the full length of the blade. Small and large sections are easily lifted from the large, horizontal pressure plate.