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Digital Pathology Imaging & Scanning

Our digital slide scanning products offer unprecedented image quality, speed and reliability for whole slide imaging; making Aperio digital pathology scanners the optimal choice for research professionals.

Tools of the Trade: Multiplexed Digital Pathology

Prof. Aldo Scarpa EPC President Director of Pathology University of Verona Director ARC-NET: Center for Applied Research on Cancer
Dr. Rita Lawlor Ph.D., CIPP/E, CIPM Fellow of Information Privacy (IAPP)

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Digital Pathology in Toxicological Pathology Studies

Rhian Evans Ph.D., Scientist

Drug development is a timely and costly process, with the average cost of bringing a single new drug to market costing $1.3 billion, taking anywhere between 10-15 years to finalize complete all clinical trials. Preclinical studies are the vital first steps in research and development and is estimated to cost $7M over 73 months. Up to 35% of drugs are eliminated at phase I and II clinical trials due to toxicity.

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The Power of Digital Pathology in Research

Caitriona Lyons, Ph.D. Product Manager, Image Analysis, Leica Biosystems, Dublin, Ireland

Learning Objectives of this webinar are History of Immuno-oncology, Types of Immunotherapy, Immune Checkpoint Biomarker.

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Exploiting Digital Histology approaches to probe the pathophysiology of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Kelly Hunter MSc, Digital Pathology Analyst, Molecular Histology Facility University of Birmingham
Dr Graham S Taylor Senior Lecturer, University of Birmingham

COVID-19 is a complex multiphase disease in which the immune system causes disease exacerbation in some patients. This talk covers how digital pathology and tissue multiplexing techniques can be combined to effectively investigate the pathophysiology of SARS-CoV-2 to better inform the optimal selection and scheduling of therapeutic approaches.

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Digital Pathology: Take Your Next Step on the Path to Implementation

Rhian Evans Ph.D., Scientist

Digital pathology is the means of capturing stained slides as high-resolution, brightfield or fluorescent images that are managed, stored, and visualized digitally.

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Keeping Your Eye On Image Color Image Viewing and Image Analysis Across Digital Pathology Scanner Model

Allen Olson Ph.D., Technical Lead Engineer and Scientist
Philip Thai
Gráinne Moroney

Digital pathology is a growing field, with multiple vendors offering a variety of hardware and software for different applications. With many options available for digital pathology scanners, viewing software, and both consumer and medical review monitors, users need the ability to adapt to variations in image appearance.

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Beyond Observation: Tools, Software and Molecular Prediction

Francesco Merolla MD, Ph.D.
Francesco Martino

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Digital Ready Slides

Olga Colgan Global Brand Strategy Director, Leica Biosystems

In this webinar, learn more about the adoption of digital pathology, and the appropriate steps to support change management to help promote engagement and a path to success.

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Is a Digital Pathology Scanning & Hosting Service Right for You?

Are you planning to adopt digital pathology? As an alternative to purchasing a scanner and software, some vendors offer slide scanning services, as well as image hosting / Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions

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