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Technical Support

Total Confidence

Every product is fully supported by our experienced on-call support personnel. That means you can be confident that your Leica products will perform to your expectations and we’ll be there to help whenever you need us.

Contact your local support representative with any query, request or missing documents.

Contact us


Our Technical Support is backed by the engineers and scientists who developed the products. Our service includes:

  • On-call technical and applications advice from histology experts
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read manuals
  • Critical supporting documentation (such as MSDSs)
  • Training programs
  • Educational material and seminars

Documentation for most products is accessible from the product pages on this site.

Service Provider

Leica Biosystems provides high quality support to our customers. Other than using Leica Biosystems directly, the following company is the only other Leica Biosystems North America Authorized Service Provider, for selected products. To understand their coverage area and authorized products, you may contact us or them directly.

North Central Instruments (NCI) offices located in: Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Denver

Note: In North America, Leica Biosystems is the only authorized service provider for BOND advanced staining instruments, Peloris tissue processors, and Aperio Digital Imaging products.

Decontamination Certificates

Before sending an instrument back to the designated workshop, we must be assured and confirmed that the instrument is certified as having been totally decontaminated and released for transportation by an authorized member. Therefore, please find a downloadable certificate of decontamination that we ask our customers to fill out, sign and enclose to the unit prior to packaging; otherwise Leica Biosystems might refuse accepting the instrument. We thank you for your understanding.