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Field Support

Help At Your Door

Our experienced field support personnel can assist you with on-site maintenance and applications support to keep your laboratory running reliably and efficiently. They come with a wealth of knowledge on instruments and histology, and are supported by the same in-house experts who developed the products you are using. So whatever you need, contact us and one of our experienced representatives will provide you with a solution.

Service Packages

Our Service Packages are the ideal way to economically maintain instrument reliability and uptime. The packages help you control service costs and keep your instrument in optimal condition with factory recommended maintenance. So choose the level of service that suits your laboratory, and enjoy the security you get with a planned approach to service. Contact us for a quote of the Service Package that best meets your needs.


Bronze Service Package

Silver Service Package

Gold Service Package

For Microtomes and Cryostats

For all instruments in mid-to-high volume facilities

For premium instruments in high-volume facilities

Technical Phone Support

Direct access to our technical experts

Business Hours (12/5) Business Hours (12/5) At Any Time (24/7)

On-site Service Labor & Travel

Full coverage for travel and labor on any potential break-fix, as well as preventive maintenance visits

100% 100% 100%

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

360-degree maintenance checks to maximize performance and reduce downtime of your instruments

One (1) PM visit per year One (1) PM visit per year Two (2) PM visit per year

Priority Scheduling

Faster response time to get your instrument up and running quicker

Priority scheduling Priority scheduling Priority scheduling

Reliability Updates

Latest and greatest reliability updates

100% 100% 100%

Certified OEM Replacement

Repair parts

100% 100%

Service Business Review

Verify with our service team that we are meeting your expectations and fulfilling your service needs

One (1) review per year

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↓ Bronze

↓ Silver

↓ Gold



Service Provider

Leica Biosystems provides high quality support to our customers. Other than using Leica Biosystems directly, the following company is the only other Leica Biosystems North America Authorized Service Provider, for selected products. To understand their coverage area and authorized products, you may contact us or them directly.

North Central Instruments (NCI) offices located in: Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Denver

Note - In North America, Leica Biosystems is the only authorized service provider for BOND advanced staining instruments, Peloris tissue processors, and Aperio Digital Imaging products.



Leica Biosystems is aware that there are several U.S. based companies improperly (and sometimes illegally) selling Leica Biosystems brand used or recycled medical products intended for destruction to customers. The requirements of the Food and Drug Administration Quality System (QS) Regulations govern the methods used in, and the facilities and controls used for, the design, manufacture, packaging, labeling, storage, installation, and servicing of all finished devices intended for human use. Servicing covers the maintenance and repair of finished, distributed devices. Customers purchasing used or recycled products should be aware of the following:

  1. Used products that are not serviced and certified by Leica Biosystems or a Leica Biosystems authorized service provider may be damaged or improperly serviced and should not be considered safe for human or research use.
  2. No warranty/repair support will be given by Leica Biosystems for such products unless service and support is purchased directly from Leica Biosystems.
  3. No technical support (via phone or email) will be given for such products by Leica Biosystems unless service and support purchased directly from Leica Biosystems.
  4. Missing or damaged parts. If you have purchased and receive a product that is damaged or is missing parts from an unauthorized distributor of Leica Biosystems products, you will need to contact the seller directly to resolve the situation. Leica Biosystems takes no responsibility for missing parts or defective used equipment sold by unauthorized sellers.
  5. Leica Biosystems reserves the right to refuse to service any product that has been previously noted as “to be recycled” in Leica Biosystems' quality system(s). Leica Biosystems also accepts and assumes no liability on the sale, purchase, or use of such products in any way.