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Leica Video Microscope Two Stereotaxic myneurolab

Leica Video Microscope Two Locate Bregma Precisely

Video Microscope Mounted on a Stereotaxic Instrument
Video Microscope Mounted on a Stereotaxic Instrument

The Video Microscope Two provides an opportunity to improve stereotaxic accuracy unobtrusively and economically. 

The video microscope is a digital camera fitted with a parfocal zoom magnifying lens with fine focus and a working distance of 7 inches. It connects to a computer, which it may share with the Angle Two, by a USB cable.  Power for the camera is provided over the USB cable from the computer.  No PCI cards are necessary.

The field of view displayed on the entire screen can zoom from whole rat head to about 2 square millimeters.

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Better Accuracy

Locating Bregma more precisely will improve stereotaxic accuracy more than higher resolution scales. 


Adjust magnification to any comfortable level to locate Bregma.


Working distance of 7 inches and tilt keeps microscope away from the manipulator.