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The Benefits of Digital Pathology : Beyond Glass Slides

Glass slides aren’t going anywhere, and for good reason. Pathology starts with a collected tissue. Glass slides are necessary, even if they are later transferred to a digital scan. But today’s pathology goes beyond tissue or scans. It’s all about improving quality, productivity and more.

Consider the way today’s pathology is changing:

  • There is a workforce shortage of pathologists, with more pathologists retiring than those entering the field
  • Digital technology has increased in adoption, delivering improved quality and innovation

Today’s pathology needs new approaches. And when pathologists stop short of adopting digital pathology fully, they miss out on the benefits that cannot be achieved with glass slides.

Digital pathology offers benefits not easily achieved with glass slides alone. Take a look at the many advantages of digital pathology versus microscopy alone:

Digital pathology can improve quality in meaningful ways:

One of the biggest benefits of digital pathology is the many ways it improves productivity in the short and long term:

“Glass slides work fine” is often a way of saying that pathologists can’t justify the investment in digital solutions. But often they don’t consider some of the long-term cost benefits of digitalization, such as:

  • It eliminates courier service
  • It speeds up workflow
  • Travel for peer reviews is reduced
  • New business opportunities are opened up through the ability to geographically extend the practice
  • Avoid the need for overtime

For research use only. Not for diagnostic use in diagnostic procedures.