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Ashley Troutman

Ashley Troutman


Ashley Troutman has been involved in Laboratory Medicine for more than 20 years in clinical, research and administrative capacities. He has worked in facilities of all sizes, from small community hospitals and private labs to large academic medical centers and corporate reference labs. He has extensive experience in laboratory science and management, specifically in anatomic pathology and immunohistochemistry. He has managed routine histology operations and has been part of the team to aid researchers in designing experiments using histologic techniques. These roles have allowed Ashley to lead work process implementation teams that saw success in scientific innovation as well as improving laboratory efficiency through areas of waste/cost reduction, process improvement and safety.

Published Pieces by Ashley Troutman

Training Resources (Knowledge Pathway)

Download this training resource to assist you in better understanding your current IHC process by identifying critical points in your current workflow. This guide will help you measure and improve the workflow at these critical points to help you determine the optimal workflow for your laboratory. 

Webinars (Knowledge Pathway)

Join Ashley Troutman, Senior Marketing Manager at Leica Biosystems, as he shares practical advice on how to determine your optimal workflow, for your lab, to meet your goals.

Case Studies (Knowledge Pathway)

Tissue processing is one of the most critical elements of obtaining quality and timely results in the histology process. Ultimately, to obtain the desired quality processed tissue samples, separate processing runs may be required appropriate to tissue size.

Case Studies (Knowledge Pathway)

Cost-effectively managing a large pathology lab while maintaining the high level of quality required by a world-renowned medical center is a difficult balancing act for any hospital administration.

Case Studies (Knowledge Pathway)

Anti-static microtome paraffin trays are a great option to reduce the time it takes to clean your equipment. Learn more about the benefits of anti-static trays.