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Peroxidase Block Manual Detection Kits and Buffers

Peroxidase Block Novocastra™

Peroxidase Block

Novocastra Peroxidase Block, RE7101, is intended for use in peroxidase based immunohistochemical (IHC) staining procedures, as described in the Instructions for Use of RE7110-K, RE7120-K, RE7130-K, RE7140-K and RE7150-K.

The presence of pseudoperoxidase (erythrocytes) and endogenous peroxidase in paraffin sections to be stained by immunoperoxidase procedures, can result in non-specific staining.

This product is used in a peroxidase-based IHC procedure. Incubating sections with Novocastra Peroxidase Block, RE7101, can neutralize endogenous peroxidase activity.

Peroxidase Block is supplied in a volume of 25 mL.

For in vitro diagnostic use.


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RE7101-CE Peroxidase Block 25ml Blocking Reagent P Info MSDS