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Novocastra Antibodies

Novocastra Antibodies

Create high-quality  IHC  slides with Novocastra primary antibodies. Developed in-house, and backed by 20 years of  IHC  stain development experience, these robust antibodies have been optimized for automated and manual applications. Spanning 14 pathology menus, Leica Biosystems offers laboratories a comprehensive range of clinically relevant antibodies for the most demanding workload.

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Novocastra HD Antibodies

Highly Definitive Antibodies - A range built around your IHC needs

We analyzed over 60,000 points of data from laboratory staff and pathologists world-wide, to provide a range of high quality antibodies for your  IHC  needs.

Spanning multiple pathologies and in a range of formats and sizes, Leica Biosystems offers a comprehensive menu of antibodies for the most commonly performed  IHC  tests and anatomical pathologies.

Each antibody in the Novocastra HD range has been independently evaluated1 by an external QA scheme, in comparison with two market leading vendors. Each antibody within the HD portfolio has been optimized to deliver high quality staining, for results you can trust.


Trust the "HD" difference – Highly Definitive antibodies for diagnostic confidence

Deliver high quality, reliable staining for accurate diagnosis and optimal patient care. Each antibody in the range has been independently evaluated* by external QA, NordiQC, in comparison with equivalent products from other vendors. Novocastra HD antibodies represent the highest level of performance from Leica Biosystems, for the most clinically relevant  IHC  antibodies. Optimized to deliver high-quality staining, for results you can trust.


Improve workflow efficiency and streamline validation

Choose from an expanded range of products to improve your laboratory efficiency

Novocastra HD represents a comprehensive range of formats and sizes, making it easy for you to align the right products to your case-load and format preferences. Novocastra HD includes an extended range of liquid concentrates, and BOND Ready-to-Use products optimized for use on the fully-automated BOND staining platforms.


Reduce waste and become cost efficient with new liquid concentrates

Match product volume to workflow and minimize time, resource and money spent on validation of lot changes. In addition, for less commonly performed tests, 0.1mL or 0.5mL volumes help ensure complete product use before its expiration date.


Choose formats aligned to your workflow

Whether you prefer the validation and ease of use offered by Ready-to-Use antibodies, or the customization and flexibility of concentrates, all Novocastra HD antibodies are available in both formats.


Novocastra BOND RTU

BOND Ready-to-Use antibodies are optimized to deliver high quality staining results on BOND systems. This format eliminates variability that can occur with manual antibody dilutions and also reduces preparation time. Pre-optimized reagents and automated protocols deliver consistent results you can depend on.

Many higher usage ready-to-use antibodies are now available in two sizes: 7mL (46 tests) and 30mL size (200 tests). 30mL BOND Ready-to-Use reduce the need for frequent container changes and reduce the validation time, tissue and additional reagent expense.

Novocastra Liquid Concentrates

The Novocastra liquid concentrated antibody range is an extensive collection of primary antibodies for  IHC  testing. Concentrated antibodies afford workflow flexibility, enabling users to optimize their protocols according to their pre-analytical conditions2.

Available in volumes from 0.5ml to 2ml to match to your caseload.

Choose formats aligned to your workflow

Whether you prefer the validation and ease of use offered by Ready-to-Use antibodies, or the customization and flexibility of concentrates, all Novocastra HD antibodies are available in both formats.

1 Independent analysis commissioned by Leica Biosystems and conducted by NordiQC according to the manufacturers’ instructions for use and on the corresponding staining platform.

2 For recommended protocols see instructions for use. Any deviation from recommended conditions must be validated by the user.

Novocastra ISH Probes

Reliably detect RNA sequences with Novocastra  ISH  probes, detection systems and ancillary reagents.

  • Clinically relevant – range includes important probes such as Kappa, Lambda and Epstein-Barr virus
  • Qualitative – Fluorescein-Conjugated Oligonucleotide probes for the qualitative detection of RNA transcripts
  • Complete – probes, detection systems and ancillary reagents working together

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NEW 2020 IHC & ISH Product Catalog

We are pleased to make the 2020 Leica Biosystems  IHC and  ISH catalog available for you in electronic format.

The NEW catalog includes:

  • The complete Advanced Staining range
  • Over 400 Novocastra Antibodies
  • Over 1200 Kreatech  FISH Probes
  • All BOND Detection, Ancillaries and Consumables
  • Easy to use clone, probe and product indexes
  • BOND and ThermoBrite Instrument ranges

If you require any specialist help when selecting the product that is right for you, please request more information online, or contact your local Leica Biosystems representative.

Reducing our Paper Waste by 95%*


In a bid to support environmental sustainability, in 2019 Leica Biosystems’ elected products will transition from printed and packaged IFUs to eIFUs (electronic instructions for use). These eIFUs will be available for download within their respective product pages within this website.


IHC  reagents including detection systems, antibodies and ancillaries.

Please email us if support is required.


Did You Know?
On average, each elected product is packaged with around 20 printed pages of instructions for use (IFU). Leica Biosystems aims to reduce this number to 1 printed page, resulting in a 95% reduction of paper waste.Download 2020 Leica

*Territories that do not accept eIFU will still receive a compatible physical IFU