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Leica Biosystems offers Instructions for Use (IFUs) and Decontamination certificates for all our products. Request IFUs below for languages where no printout has been provided when the instrument was shipped. Decontamination Certificates verify that equipment has been decontaminated and released for transportation by an authorized member before being sent back to the designated workshop.

Decontamination Certificates

Before sending an instrument back to the designated workshop, we must be assured and confirmed that the instrument has been totally decontaminated and released for transportation by an authorized member. Therefore, please find a downloadable certificate of decontamination that we ask our customers to fill out, sign and enclose to the unit prior to packaging; otherwise Leica Biosystems might refuse accepting the instrument. We thank you for your understanding.


IFU Form

This web form applies only for instruments manufactured by Leica Biosystems Nussloch GmbH and Leica Microsystems Ltd. (Shanghai). It is intended for ordering IFUs in languages of which no printout has been provided when the instrument has been initially shipped to you.

A CD ROM containing PDFs of the IFU in additional languages was also supplied. Before sending us any request, please check whether the PDF provided on the CD is sufficient for your needs. Additionally, we have electronic copies of our current IFUs versions available online within the product menu (Downloads Section). If you have purchased your instrument long before, this up-to-date version may not apply for your instrument.

If these possibilities do not meet your needs, you can order an IFU-printed copy of any of the additional languages on the CD ROM free of charge.

You can submit your request by completing the information below. You will be able to find the "Instrument Name," "Language" and Revision Number" on the CD ROM supplied with your instrument. Please allow 7 working days for processing.

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