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Embedding Centers

Tissue Embedding Centers

Enjoy the symmetrical, unobstructed and large workspace of the HistoCore Arcadia Embedding Center which allows for efficient access to cassettes and molds, enabling smooth run batches. Setup an embedding center that matches your workflow, choose productivity enhancing accessories and select base molds that match your cassettes.


Configure an embedding center that meets your laboratory's workflow needs

Complete Embedding Center

Choose the HistoCore Arcadia H and HistoCore Arcadia C to setup a matching embedding center.


Embedding Center Modules

Select the HistoCore Arcadia H for a stand-alone paraffin dispensing module.

Select the HistoCore Arcadia C for a stand-alone cold plate.


HistoCore Arcadia C

Cold Plate

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HistoCore Arcadia H

Heated Paraffin Embedding Station

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HistoCore Arcadia Embedding Center

Embedding Station + Cold Plate

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Create a complete solution with matching consumables

Select from a range of base molds and paraffin wax. Order now at our online store.



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Tips to Buying an Embedder

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