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Aperio ePathology Training

Aperio ePathology Training – Maximize your Digital Pathology Investment

Leica Biosystems offers a range of training options through our corporate training center. Whether you choose live online or on-demand training, or our extensive classroom-based training programs, we provide you with the tools you need to maximize your ePathology investment.

With flexible training programs to meet your needs, Leica Biosystems offers an excellent variety of product training and certification programs designed for Healthcare and Research professionals who want to develop their ePathology skills.

Onsite Training

With our onsite training option, you will receive a customized training plan that targets your needs. Onsite training allows you to maximize your budget by eliminating travel expenses for employees. Training can be scheduled to fit your time-frame and at a time and location that is convenient for your staff. To learn more or get an estimate for onsite training at the facility of your choice, contact us today at 760.539.1100.

What People Are Saying:

“Aperio’s commitment to educating it’s users far surpasses any other technology based company I’ve worked with. Their extensive library of training material is easily accessible and searchable. While their online training, which is suited to all levels of user, is both comprehensive and flexible. As a system administrator this gave me a much greater understanding of the technology and allowed me to ask the questions that really mattered in the customer training session at the Aperio facility in San Diego.

The customer training session show cases Aperio at its best and gives you an insight as to how Aperio is able to excel at digital pathology. Aperio’s whole team is under one roof, which means when you ask a difficult question, it doesn’t take them long to come back with the answer. During my visit I was able to meet people from across the Aperio group as well as other users from different areas and fields. Bringing together all levels of users, from all walks of life gave us the ability to share our experiences and gain new knowledge as well as share tips and tricks gained from using the system. I believe everyone I met during my time there went above and beyond to help me understand the system and they did so with passion and commitment.

The level of professionalism and dedication Aperio shows on a daily basis is something to be envied by any company.”

Danny Williams
System Administrator
Huntingdon Life Sciences

I can’t say “thank you” enough for the comprehensive training program. Even as an experienced user, I feel I obtained a good amount of new and useful information. The instructors were very clear and responsive to questions.

Instructor-Led Training