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Aperio Path DX - Case Management Software

A Seamless and Secure Path to Workflow Connectivity

Introducing Aperio Path DX, web-based Case Management Software connecting the workflow of histotechnicians and pathologists. Aperio Path DX provides management and retrieval of pathology images and associated patient data without altering parameters, performing interpretations, or controlling the connected Whole Slide Imaging (WSI) System.

Connect Clinical Workflows in Digital Pathology: Reduce Manual Operations

Specs – Server

Server Recommended Specifications

CPU Min. Single Intel Xeon Gold 5118 2.3G, 12C/24T, 10.4GT/s, 16M Cache, Turbo, HT(105W) DDR4-2400
Hard disk space 1TB DAS, NAS, or SAN Storage (recommended), RAID for redundancy
Available C: or OS: drive space 120GB
Memory 16GB RAM
Network card Dual 1GB
Power supply Redundant power supplies
Operating system Windows Server 2016


Supported Database Software

Database MS SQL Server 2017

Specs Client/Network

Client Recommended Specifications

Workstation Dell 5810 – Provided as part of the AT2 DX System
Medical grade monitor Dell M2416 – Provided as part of the AT2 DX System
Web browsers Firefox (version69 and later), Chrome (version 77 and later)
Operating system Windows 7
Connectivity 1 Gbps


Network Requirements

Bandwidth LAN Min. 4 Mbps per user

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Interoperable Solutions

Seamless integration with the Aperio AT2 DX scanner and the Aperio ImageScope DX viewer to manage critical operations easily with an intuitive user interface.

  • Clinical info parsed from barcode
  • Upload of digital slides from the scanner
  • Automatic case creation

“Seamless transition from prepping cases and then having pathologists review those cases instantly. I believe that the software will be able to save time as there would be less of a need to assemble physical slides for the pathologists to read. It would also help the overall workflow as there is a seamless transition from prepping cases to reviewing cases. Overall, I think the software is rather intuitive and easy to use.”

Mr. Ryan Curtin Chiang
Pacific Rim Pathology

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Digital tools nearby and readily available
  • Smart clicks
  • Smart search functionality
  • Quick reference guide

“The software is user friendly and intuitive. Priority and status of the case is known. Review of older cases to compare to new case, H&P, gross description in one location”

Bernard Chang MD
Scripps Health

Cyber Security

Sensitive information is guarded without slowing access to cases, allowing faster collaboration.

  • Audit trail supports sensitive data (PHI)
  • Intended use on institution LAN behind firewall
  • Encryption of data in transit
  • Computer-assisted data integrity (check sum and hash)

User Tailored Workflows

Cases accessible within “smart” clicks and critical case information in only one page.

  • User worklists
  • Assign priority cases
  • Tabbed action toolbar for quality control workflow
  • Access to prior cases
  • Return cases to the lab

“Ability to type in a microscopic, final diagnosis and comment all in one spot. This limits the possibility of typing in a diagnosis with the wrong case. I would say that if you are carrying daily workflow of digital cases, it is a must! It appears much more intuitive than other proprietary options and has more, very useful features.”

Dr. Cone Brian

Connection and Distribution

Improve the flow of the cases across users. Instantaneous delivery of cases to the right pathologists.

  • Access and distribute cases regardless of geographical location​ in the USA within the institution intranet
  • Case access to users with specific permission
  • Connect with multiple scanners
  • Simultaneous access for multiple users

“I would say that it could be very useful on keeping our work organized, keeping us accountable and dealing with “STAT” cases.” Software is user friendly. Pathologists can receive work wherever they are.”

Mr. Jose T. Rodriguez
Sharp Memorial Hospital

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