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ISH & FISH – Brightfield & Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Enumeration

Molecular biomarkers can be time-consuming to quantify manually. Aperio Image Analysis offers solutions for automated detection and counting of target signals, with options for brightfield and fluorescence. Algorithms are flexible enough to handle single-plex or multiplex analysis, and can be easily optimized to meet a variety of end-user requirements. Measure RNA or DNA biomarker expression at the tissue, cellular, or subcellular level.


Aperio RNA ISH Algorithm

Accurately count single- or dual-plex RNA ISH signals or clusters in brightfield tissue, and identify subcellular location of molecular targets.

Aperio FISH Brk/Fus Algorithm

Detect and enumerate FISH break-apart and fusion events involving up to 7 fluorescence target signals.

Aperio FISH Amp/Del Algorithm

Automatically quantify amplification or deletion of target DNA sequences in fluorescently-labeled tissue.

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400 slide capacity, brightfield whole slide scanner. High throughput with small footprint. 2x3 slide option available.
Aperio VERSA
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