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Delivering Greater Throughput and Decreased Turnaround Time for Research Labs is the Focus of Leica Biosystems Next Generation Digital Pathology Scanner

VISTA, CA – Aug 9, 2019 – Leica Biosystems, the global leader in pathology workflow solutions, announced today that it has launched the Aperio GT 450, its next generation digital pathology scanner. The Aperio GT 450, labeled as research use only, offers continuous rack loading with priority scanning and takes only 32 seconds to scan a 15mm by 15mm tissue area on a pathology slide at 40x magnification with throughput of 81 slides/hr. This new technology allows customers performing research to scale up digital pathology to meet ever increasing slide volume demands.

“The Aperio GT 450 has demonstrated, in a workflow study at our laboratories, substantial increases in throughput while dramatically reducing hands on time for our histotechnicians. This frees up additional FTE capacity that we can operationally utilize and respond to increasing annual slide volumes,“ said Julie Broccardo, Director of Anatomic Pathology Operations at NeoGenomics Laboratories, Inc.

The Aperio GT 450 also uses a 40x objective engineered by Leica Microsystems together with Leica Biosystems patented RTF technology (US patent #9,841,590), to improve scanning speeds, while simultaneously maintaining excellent optical focus.

“I am really impressed with the sharpness and contrast of the images from the GT 450. It is definitely next-generation image quality,” stated Dr. W. Dean Wallace, Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.

In addition, the Aperio GT 450 offers a new scalable IT platform called the Scanner Admin Manager (SAM), which allows multiple scanners to be securely connected to a central monitoring hub, removing individual workstation needs for each scanner.

“The IT architecture for the Aperio GT 450, including the SAM central hub, is a gigantic leap forward to scale and support digital pathology IT operations,” said Chris Khacherian, Program Manager, Service Delivery, Digital Technology at UCLA.

The Aperio GT 450 uses slide racks that are compatible with other Leica Biosystems products, making it easier for customers to perform their work.

“We are excited about this innovative product as it delivers the benefit of improved throughputs, reduced turnaround time and a high-quality image viewing experience for our biopharma and academic researchers,” said Colin White, Global Vice President, Advanced Staining and Imaging at Leica Biosystems.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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