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DM4 B - The Consultant’s Microscope

Your attention to details drives ours. Leica’s 170-year history of German design, engineering and optical excellence delivers optimal clarity, giving you confidence in your daily work.

Intelligent automation combined with ergonomic design and controls ensure the DM4 B provides brilliant imaging and user comfort, even when working long hours.


  • Extra bright LED transmitted light illumination comparable to 100 W halogen lamp
  • Fully-automated transmitted light axis for contrast methods: BF, DF, PH, POL
  • Semi-automated DIC with manual objective prism sliders and mot. DIC condenser
  • Fully-automated fluorescence axis with 5-position filter cube turret, optional
  • Unique fluorescence intensity manager (FIM) facilitates easy and reproducible regulation of the excitation light, which helps protect your sample from photo bleaching.
  • Status display shows all microscope setting sat a glance
  • Manual 6x or 7x objective turret with absolute coding
  • Provides fast adjustment of optimal settings
  • 7-position nosepiece for higher flexibility (full range of objective magnifications)
  • Includes special brightfield condenser with auxiliary lens for 5x objectives for clinical applications
  • Transmitted light mode can be adjusted according to applications or users’ preferences
  • Automated Koehler illumination


Product DM4 B
Light sourceUltra-bright long lifetime LED
Nosepiece movementManual turret with absolute coding
Objective lens positions6 or 7
Mechanical focusing


FL option - number filter cubes 5

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Features & Benefits

Ergonomic Microscope Design

The easy-to-reach stage, magnification and focus controls, plus fully automatic condenser head movement, enable you to work in comfort. Adaptable, ergonomic tubes can be adjusted perfectly to your seated height and posture.

Rapid Evaluation

The 1.25x objective coupled with a wide field of view enable users to view large specimens in a single overview. Furthermore, live-view sessions facilitate rapid on-screen evaluation of tumor margins and cell-to-cell distances.

Intelligent Automation

One-button switching between contrast methods provides quick and easy changing from brightfield to fluorescence. Automatically adjusted settings allow rapid switching between magnifications, enabling you to stay focused on your slides.