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Quantitative and Automated Analysis in Molecular Pathology


Recent advances in chemistry has resulted in a surge in the application of RNA ISH and DNA FISH assays in pathology. These molecular assays do offer numerous advantages over traditional IHC staining. However, due to multiplex assays and the sophistication of the scoring system used, molecular assays can be difficult to assess using a traditional microscope. Digital Pathology offers numerous advantages over traditional microscope based reviews, including the generation of a permanent record of the slide, the ability to share slides with colleagues in remote locations and the option of using software to assist in the assessment of the staining. Automated image analysis can be used to quantify and enumerate RNA and DNA Brightfield and fluorescently captured slides. Within this presentation, we will discuss the advantages and applications using image analysis as an adjunct to manual interpretation of molecular assays.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review of Molecular Assay Approaches.
  2. Overview of the advantages of Digital Pathology and Image analysis when reviewing molecular assays.
  3. Discuss the capabilities in the area of digital pathology and quantitative image analysis.