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Predictive Biomarkers and Companion Diagnostics; Challenges for Immunohistochemistry

PACE credits are no longer available for webinars more than 6 months old.


 Predictable biomarkers and companion diagnostics is becoming a norm in the anatomical pathology laboratories as personalize medicine grows. Research of medicine and advancements in treatment plays a role in improving patient care, clinical and research laboratories are part of the cycle of personalized medicine. This presentation will review the growth of companion diagnostics and personalized medicine and how it impacts pathology as a discipline. It will also review the knowledge of quality control issues in immunohistochemistry (IHC) as it relates to improving diagnosis.  The review process of true tissue based quantification by IHC and the challenges of IHC in the role of personalized pathology will be discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To review and understand the current rapid growth in 'companion diagnostics and personalized medicine'.
  2. To review and examine the impact of this growth for Pathology as a discipline.
  3. To develop a working knowledge quality control issues in immunohistochemistry as they relate to improved diagnostics.
  4. To review steps to be taken in order to move to true tissue based quantification by immunohistochemistry. 
  5. To understand the challenges that must be approached in order for immunohistochemistry to find a long term role in Personalized Pathology.