Microtomy and Paraffin Section Preparation

01. March 2010

Creating great paraffin sections using a rotary microtome takes a great deal of skill and experience. "Microtomy and Paraffin Section Preparation" is a great training aid for new microtomists and is an excellent refresher for experienced operators. All of the essential aspects of cutting paraffin sections are covered, including:

  • Safety
  • Microtome setup
  • Microtome blades
  • Trimming, facing and roughing blocks
  • Techniques for consistent paraffin sections
  • Microtome maintenance
  • Common microtomy faults
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Geoffrey Rolls

Geoffrey Rolls, Histology Consultant, Leica Biosystems, Melbourne, Australia, has extensive experience practicing and teaching histology and histotechnology including 30 years as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Laboratory Medicine at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He holds a science degree and a professional Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists. He has a broad interest in histotechnology, particularly in the areas of tissue processing and microtomy and in general histology education. For the last ten years he has acted as a consultant to Leica Biosystems.


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