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Dermatopathology for the Histology Lab


Skin specimens received in the histology laboratory for dermatopathology are among the most difficult to handle successfully. The pathologist must be able to see the dermal-epidermal junction in each tissue section in order to make a diagnosis, thus every skin specimen must be accurately oriented during both grossing and embedding. Full thickness skin specimens contain epidermis, dermis and adipose layers — which is really three tissue types in one block. This webinar will discuss and explain the nuances of various dermatopathology specimens, and how to successfully handle them from initial receipt to final microscope slide.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand how specimens for dermatopathology are surgically grossed, processed and embedded to retain proper orientation in the final microscope slide.
  2. To understand the histology of skin specimens.
  3. To understand how to recognize and successfully handle all types of dermatopathology specimens received in your laboratory.

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