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Get a grip – Automated coverslipping just got easier

Automated coverslipping is now more reliable and flexible with the innovative new slide handling system for the Leica CV5030 glass coverslipper.

Starting November 12, 2010, NEW Leica CV5030’s will ship with a new slide gripping arm, for increased workflow efficiency, reduced downtime and, ultimately, better patient care.

Laboratory benefits include:

  • Universal – Reliably use all slides adhering to ISO 8037-1 standards including slides from the Leica Microsystems Surgipath range.
  • Simple – Ready to integrate with your current process, no calibration or slide teach-in is required.
  • Flexible – Choose wet, dry, xylene or xylene-free coverslipping at any time.

With its innovative slide handling system, the Leica CV5030 delivers enhanced consistency and reliability with the ability to easily adapt to individual laboratory setups. The Leica CV5030 is available stand-alone or integrated as a staining/coverslipping workstation to form a Total Histology solution that delivers fully automated, walkaway staining and coverslipping.

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