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Bond Aspirating Probe Cleaning System

As the Senior Scientist in charge of Immunohistochemistry at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney, Australia), I believe the Aspirating Probe Cleaning System plays an important role in the routine maintenance schedule for our Bond-max stainers. We have been using the Bond Aspirating Probe Cleaning System since it was first released in February 2009.

We have three Bond-max modules which, combined, stain an average of 140–170 slides per day.

Some six months ago our laboratory noted an accumulation of DAB and DAB enhancer precipitate along the length of the aspirating probe tubing in all three Bonds. At the same time we had noted that our staining quality was not at the same level that we were used to.

After replacing the aspirating probes and tubing, combined with regular use of the Aspirating Probe Cleaning System, there was immediate and marked improvement in all aspects of staining quality and reproducibility. Subsequently, during the six months since replacement there has been no precipitate formation within the new probes.

The Bond Aspirating Probe Cleaning System has not only extended the life of our probes, it has significantly improved staining quality and has helped to reduce the number of repeat stains. Our lab has a heavy workload and the cleaning system has been instrumental in ensuring that a high volume of superior quality stains is maintained.

Other notable benefits are the speed and simplicity of operation of the unit and the freedom it gives us to tailor how often we wish to be reminded to run the cleaning kit. Simple luxuries greatly appreciated in a busy laboratory environment.

Based on my laboratory’s experience I strongly recommend the addition of the Bond Aspirating Probe Cleaning System to the routine maintenance schedule for Bond.

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