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The use of the portable Cryostat Leica CM1100 in the field of anchovy research

The Leica CM1100 cryostat serves a special, non-standard purpose on the reproductive biology research vessel José Olaya, where it is used for monitoring the reproductive state of fish by microscopic analysis of thin sections of the fishes’ gonads.

Since the instrument is portable, it is ideal for use on board of a research vessel such as the José Olaya.

Thin sections produced with the Leica CM1100 allow monitoring of oocyte development in anchoveta by identifying structures such as post ovulation follicles, which are clear indicators of imminent egg-laying, and other types of oocytes.

This information enables the researchers to determine where and when the eggs will be deposited – two factors that are decisive for successful management of fish resources, an important part of which consists in suspending fishing activities during egg-laying periods.

In summary, the instrument enables the researchers to obtain crucial real-time information on the reproductive state of fish species of major commercial importance.

Image: Blgo. Angel Perea De La Matta, IMARPE (Instituto del Mar del Perú) Lima, Biología Reproductiva (Reproductive Biology).