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“Leica and SlidePath got it right"


In his Digital Pathology Blog Dr. Keith Kaplan, Pathologist and CIO at Carolinas Pathology Group, reports on his experiences with Leica Microsystem’s Total Digital Pathology solution.

Last month I was fortunate to see a demo of Leica's SCN400 scanner and their image management system provided by SlidePath's Digital Imaging Hub. In short, the images were of very high quality with reasonable scan times at 40x with reproducible high throughput and fast image review.  A number of images were uploaded to one of the data centers and reviewed remotely with ease with a number of web browsers without difficulty. 
The combination of Leica's long history with high-end optics and SlidePath's proven track record with their Digital Image Hub makes for a perfect digital pathology solution for clinical or research use. 
If you are considering a digital pathology "system" you would be wise to consider this solution in your evaluation.

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Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner