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BUFFALO GROVE, ILLINOIS – FEBRUARY 1, 2018 - Building on its legacy of excellence in advanced staining technology and pathology processes, Leica Biosystems today announced the release of a significant update to the highly regarded BOND-III IHC and ISH stainer. The new BOND-III makes it easier for labs to quickly and consistently deliver complete cases to pathologists.

With optimal patient care depending on an accurate and timely diagnosis, the latest advance to the BOND-III stainer incorporates a unique set of productivity innovations to support pathology labs’ drive for procedural efficiency and diagnostic confidence, including:

  • Active Visual Management (AVM) to simplify bulk reagent management. In addition to aesthetic enhancements, the latest AVM lighting system allows staff to monitor instrument readiness from across the lab without breaking from other tasks, maximizing efficiency and minimizing stress among staff, who can more quickly and easily ensure that the instrument’s bulk reagents are ready for the next run.
  • BOND Controller software (Version 6.0) to further improve lab management. A usability overhaul has resulted in a software release that is at once familiar, but altogether cleaner, more attractive and significantly more productive. This new software offers the potential to reduce slide data entry times so runs can start sooner and cases can be available for diagnosis earlier.

“Pathology labs rely on us to deliver innovations that improve the efficiency and confidence of their primary deliverable, which is timely and accurate diagnoses for patients suspected of having cancer,” said Colin White, Ph.D., global vice president of Advanced Staining at Leica Biosystems. “In updating BOND-III, our designers have taken a user-centric approach and enhanced the ease-of-use of both the instrument hardware and software. With the improved usability of this technology, laboratories will be able to efficiently and rapidly generate high-quality stains for all slides in a patient case, supporting the pathologist’s need for timely receipt of all pieces of the diagnostic puzzle.”

The new BOND-III IHC and ISH stainer, including Active Visual Management and the BOND Version 6.0 software, is now available for use in clinical laboratories in the United States.

About Leica Biosystems
Leica Biosystems is a global leader in workflow solutions and automation. As the only company to own the workflow from biopsy to diagnosis, we are uniquely positioned to break down the barriers between each of these steps. Our mission of “Advancing Cancer Diagnostics, Improving Lives” is at the heart of our corporate culture. Our easy-to-use and consistently reliable offerings help improve workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence. The company is represented in over 100 countries. It has manufacturing facilities in 9 countries, sales and service organizations in 19 countries, and an international network of dealers. The company is headquartered in Nussloch, Germany. Visit for more information.

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