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Leica Biosystems introduces ACD’s RNAscope technology for use on BOND-III

BOND RNAscope on BOND-III is an advanced and novel technology born out of the partnership between Advanced Cell Diagnostics (now ACD, a Bio-Techne brand) and Leica Biosystems.

What makes this technology “advanced and novel”?

For decades, pathologists have clamored for a robust, automated technology for the detection of RNA that fits into the existing anatomic pathology laboratory workflow. RNAscope on BOND-III provides numerous advantages over traditional RNA ISH methodologies, including:

  • Signal Amplification with Background Suppression…CLEAN, CRISP, HIGHLY SPECIFIC STAINING
  • Single Molecule Detection…HIGH SENSITIVITY
  • Conserved Tissue/Cell Morphology…VISUAL MORPHOLOGICAL CONTEXT
  • Automated Protocol on BOND-III…READY-TO-USE for Formalin-fixed, Paraffin-embedded Tissue

The BOND-III is the first clinical instrument to utilize the RNAscope technology. BOND RNAscope Detection Reagents – BROWN and BOND RNAscope Protease are now available in the U.S. through Leica Biosystems, with more countries to follow in the future. These two BOND Ready-to-Use products enable laboratories to experience the combined benefits of RNAscope technology and BOND-III automation.


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