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Dr Matthew Clarke on the exciting changes underway in molecular pathology

"I’m really excited because it's a great privilege to be able to work and study in a specialty that's evolving constantly for the benefit of patients and pathologists as well. It’s great to see the big changes that are happening and how the future will change in our diagnostic practice and how it's going to evolve to improve patient outcome. We're understanding so much more about disease based on our analysis of molecular components of these cells. From that, we're discovering new treatments that then is making a huge difference to patient safety and outcome. With molecular and the developments that need to happen in molecular and the increased provision for molecular pathology to flourish, it allows us to make an accurate diagnosis much more early on for any of our patients, and ensures them, an analysis to make sure that they get on the right treatment to management pathway which is going to have a massive implication for the outcome."

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