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HER2 Theranostic Training Comes to You

Leica Microsystems continues their commitment to education with a new web-based training course for the Bond Oracle HER2 IHC System. This new E-learning course harnesses advanced training concepts to provide comprehensive training over the web. This convenient access means HER2 training is available to each student at the time and place that best suits their schedule.

The Bond Oracle HER2 IHC System offers a fully automated, robust and dependable immunohistochemical test for the accurate assessment of HER2 status in breast cancer tissue.

The new interactive E-learning course assists histologists and pathologists considering HER2 testing by covering all aspects of Bond Oracle HER2 IHC staining and interpretation. The course carefully guides students through key concepts including:

  • Specimen preparation
  • Performing the test
  • Interpreting the results

Along the way there are engaging interactive exercises and tests to encourage students and help them check their progress. At the end of the course is a comprehensive graded test.

Students who undertake and pass this test receive a certificate of completion for their training records. The graded test includes general questions and an interactive interpretation session that challenges students to correctly interpret and score real cases.

The Bond Oracle HER2 IHC System E-learning course is available in the Theranostics section.

To join the course, potential students simply click the course link then enter their details when requested. They are then ready to start their journey towards providing advanced HER2 testing and better patient care.