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BOND-ADVANCE Advanced IHC and ISH Network

Delivering Abounding Possibilities from a Single Source

Secure, manage, and complete large IHC and ISH case loads. Step up to BOND‑ADVANCE network and free your laboratory from traditional limits.

BOND-ADVANCE network features high-availability, enterprise-level architecture for robust, fault-tolerant operation, and connection capabilities of up to 30 instruments. This lets you share reagents across all instruments, create high-efficiency work cells, and protect critical patient data. With BOND-ADVANCE network, you can work quickly and securely no matter how large your case load.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use


Product Features

advanced SECURITY

A robust system capable of processing hundreds of patient cases every day. With powerful enterprise-level RAID servers, the highly resilient BOND‑ADVANCE system has the built-in redundancy and automatic data duplication that safeguards patient data and smoothly processes large slide volumes.



Get the most from your investment in people and technology. With BOND‑ADVANCE network, you can connect up to 30 BOND clinical instruments into a single unified system. So now you have unlimited freedom to allocate any reagent and any slide to any instrument as you fully utilize all of your staining capacity.


Meet critical targets. High volumes demand best practice management. So BOND‑ADVANCE network delivers sophisticated laboratory management tools. You can easily configure high-productivity work cells, maintain complete control of the entire system from a single point with a dedicated administration workstation, and harness the power of real-time visual management using the BOND DASHBOARD.