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BOND RXm Automated IHC & ISH


Helping academic researchers achieve more
BOND RXm – Fully Automated Advanced Staining

Enjoy more time for academic research with BOND RXm fully automating your IHC, ISH and emerging tests. The unmatched protocol flexibility and fully open reagents mean you retain complete control of your staining. The three independent slide trays also ensure slides run to your timetable.



The BOND RXm is dedicated to research use only and is not for diagnostic use.

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Temperature Toolbox

Temperature Toolbox

The Temperature Toolbox provides users with the ability to directly edit the temperature of any step (reagent or wash step) in ISH and IHC staining protocols, single or sequential double staining protocols and parallel double staining protocols.


Now you have extra time to publish

  • Eliminate manual or semi-automated staining
  • Enjoy more time analyzing data, spend less time staining slides


Do it your way, in your space

  • Unmatched protocol flexibility and choice of reagents
  • Fully automated IHC, ISH and emerging tests
  • A small footprint for benchtop mounting


Have more confidence in your results

  • Reduce process variability with full automation
  • Protect tissue with the unique Covertile system

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