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ASP6025 S

Total Confidence in Every Tissue

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Boost Your Confidence in Quality and Reliable Tissue Processing

Pathology laboratories are a busy place and there are many challenges to think about. To give you peace of mind, make sure to choose a tissue processor that lets you focus on the important things. The ASP6025 S tissue processor supports your laboratory with the following features:

  • An advanced magnetic stirrer technology optimizes paraffin infiltration and enhances reagent exchange within the tissue cells.

  • Density Meter tracks reagent concentration for improved processing quality and reduced user errors.

  • Pre-installed validated protocols give you the flexibility to process different tissue types.


Product Features

Increase Processing Speed and Tissue Quality

The advanced magnetic stirrer technology is designed to optimize paraffin infiltration performance, helping reduce processing time and enhancing reagent exchange within the tissue cells.

Tissue Safety: Density Meter Tracking Reagent Levels

The built-in Density Meter effectively measures the concentration of each alcohol bottle in real-time, showing the reagent status to ensure optimal usage of reagents for improved processing quality.

Smoother Operator Workflow

An intuitive user interface enables operators to perform critical operations easily. Users can start the system with their own pre-defined preferred programs. Plus run Time Log Reports showing interactions between the operator and the instrument.

Pre-Installed Validated Protocols

Leica Biosystems pre-installed validated protocols, along with xylene and low-temperature xylene-free protocols, giving you the flexibility to process different tissue types.

Optimize Reagent Exchanges – Improve Laboratory Workflow

Auto-rotation together with the Reagent Management System (RMS) allows the ready-to-use reagent bottles to be easily exchanged, reducing the need for maintenance and the chance for operator error.

Breathe Easy with Xylene-Free Processing

Laboratory staff can also breathe easy thanks to a xylene-free processing option with the unique ParaLast system, which reduces paraffin contamination during xylene-free protocols.


Product Specifications

ASP6025 S Tissue Processor Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H): 680 x 750 x 1500 mm (26.77 x 29.5 3 x 59.05 inch)
Weight (instrument only): Approx. 210 kg (463 lbs)
Cassette capacity: Max. 300 cassettes
Retort reagent volume: Max. 4.8 L (up to fill level of third sensor, without specimen filling)
Paraffin container capacity: 3 paraffin baths: 4.9 L each
1 pre-melt paraffin station: 5.0 L
System bottles: 9 (in the reagent cabinet)
RTU-bottles: 6 (in the drawer)
Condensate bottle: 1
Bottle volume: 3.8 and 5.0 L
Password status: Supervisor/operator/service
Operating voltage and frequency: 100 to 120 V or 220 to 240, 50 to 60 Hz
Built-in backup battery: Backup battery ensures the specimens are covered with appropriate reagent during a power failure
Reagent management system (RMS): Switch between RMS and concentration measurement
Carbon filter: Efficient fume exhaust at retort lid and xylene-free protocols
Remote fill and drain: Remotely fill and drain the respective system bottle from an external station
Leica validated protocols: Total 14 programs: 3 autorotation, 6 xylene (including fatty tissue) and 5 xylene-free.


ASP6025 S Parts/Accessories






Optimized Fatty Tissue Processing
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ASP6025 is only available in specific countries - please contact your local Leica Biosystems representative for details.