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Cognitive Cxi Specimen Identification

Cognitive Cxi Label Printer to print slide labels

Patient safety with the Cognitive Cxi Printer and Leica Universal Label

The compact Cognitive Cxi label printer sits at the workstation for on-demand printing of permanent, super-sharp labels for slides, specimen containers and anywhere secure patient identification is needed.

The combination of the Cognitive Cxi printer and the Leica Universal Label allows laboratories to benefit from nearly error-free specimen identification where ever slides, containers and forms are handled.

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Save Time and Waste

Thanks to its small footprint, you can place a Cxi printer at every workstation to print on-demand the exact number of slide labels needed.

Patient Safety

Securely link patients to samples: Leica Universal Labels withstand specific histological chemicals and tough mechanical treatments for slide labels. Once printed and applied to the slide, Leica Universal Labels will resist the most extreme processes without fading, degrading or separating from the slide.  

Lean Workflow

Rapid, on-demand printing and easy-tear perforated labels mean labeled containers and slides are ready when you are.

Enhance Productivity

Connect the Cognitive Cxi Printer to your PC, LIS or sample tracking system and stop transcribing data and handwriting labels to reduce your workload and eliminate a significant source of errors.

This product is currently not yet available in each country. Please contact your Leica Microsystems representative for details.

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