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Leica VT1200 Materials Testing

Leica VT1200 Semiautomatic Vibrating Blade Microtome

The Leica VT1200 semiautomatic vibrating blade microtome is designed for sectioning fixed or unfixed specimens in Neuropathology (fresh brain slicing), Neurophysiology (patch-clamping).

The instrument is recommended for users who wish to manually select the desired section thickness prior to cutting each section.The vertical deflection can be measured by using the optional measurement device “Vibrocheck”.

The adjustment screw on the blade holder allows adjustment of the vertical deflection to below 1µm. The instrument was designed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Peter Jonas and his group at the Physiology Department, Freiburg Germany.

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Manually control sectioning

Designed for users who prefer to manually control sectioning parameters such as section thickness and cutting stroke for each individual section.

Minimal vertical deflection

Minimal vertical deflection protects delicate specimens during sectioning and results in more viable cells on the section surface.

Magnetic specimen holders

Magnetic specimen holders support easy specimen handling and reproducible orientation.

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