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Leica SP2600 Ultramiller Sectioning

Leica SP2600 Ultramiller Ultramilling Attachment for the Leica SM2500 Large Scale, Heavy duty Sectioning System

Quantitative Serial Sectioning Analysis


Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 201, Pt. 3, March 2001, pp. 388-394 describes a modification to the Leica Polycut with milling attachment that allows to take serial-sections and corresponding microscope images in a semi-automated manner. The serial sections are combined to give a three-dimensional representation of the sectioned area.

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Leica SP2600 ultramilling attachment

Ultramilling of dental specimens

Routine microtomy is sometimes not sufficient to produce the desired results of a sample for microscopic examination. Samples may be too hard or too fragile to section properly. The technique of milling with an ultramiller is a preferred technique commonly used to obtain high quality results of difficult to section materials.

The application report provides the details for working with a mineralized canine tooth as sample and provides insight on how the high quality results were obtained.

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